Portrait D'anne Demians

Like advanced societies, the profession of architect is undergoing tremendous changes. The main cause is hypercommunication, a result of the development of the Internet. This is the time of inter/communicability, of the Web 3.0. Therefore, naturally and as a result, what interests me and inspires my thinking is to synthetically connect all the scattered modes of communication that refer to the act of building. This multi-centered communication has a huge impact on our lifestyle and opinions, on our everyday and emotional balance and, even more so, on the shaping of these moments devoted to creation. This is the age of cultural blends, hybrid engines, baroque assemblings, bizarre behavior. In what I am trying to do, in between Consonances, there is a determination to produce an available architecture and a diversity of styles that serve its freshness, its renewal, its authenticity, these blends. Perhaps this is to better re-establish the idea of usefulness, the desire to break all these bad practices that have hurt us so badly, all these predictable models and all these communicating priorities that have subjected it to failure. Incorporating mutability in the thought process, at a time when wastage has finally been driven out, building on transformation, on a long-term and durable basis, and waiting to see if a new aesthetic, surprising and random, could simply be the likely result of it. Changing the idea and acting scales to revisit everything, imposing the light in all the urban textures that shape the expression of the city, and making density act in another way than through false arguments of irresponsible verticalities. Anne Démians / April 2014

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School of Chaillot -Training Department of the city or architecture - January 31, 2020

ecole de chaillot

31 January 2020

At the request of OGIC, the School of Chaillot, training department of the City of Architecture and Heritage, is designing an architectural awareness day for its commercial executives, entitled: "Architectures of yesterday, towards a sustainable city".

The objective of this day, to which Anne Demians is invited, aims to promote interactive cultural exchanges between teachers and participants, and to propose:

- a reference database in the history of architecture and the city of the 19th and 20th centuries

- a thematic representation of the manufacturing processes of the sustainable architecture project by two agencies recognized and innovative in their achievements, including that of Anne Demians

- a critical initiation / invitation to dialogue with contemporary architecture and its project managers within the framework of exchanges organized between two of them and the twenty registered listeners.

The animation and the teaching will be ensured by the director of the School of Chaillot, an architect-historian-teacher and two renowned architects whose educational interventions will be illustrated by examples of their achievements.

Anne Demians is asked to speak on a subject that is part of her daily life: "Building for a new nature in the city. What uses, what resources, what dialogues? ". She will respond with a thoughtful reflection on "The Future City", a two-way title that will allow her to set out her commitments. Or how to ensure that the city of tomorrow renews itself and which, beyond the effects of fashion, adapts over time to new economic and environmental challenges. Anne Demians will present an attentive approach to give timelessness to her mastery of works, both through new projects recently delivered - the Black Swans in Strasbourg and the Dunes in Val-de-Fontenay - as in heritage projects - Grand Nancy Thermal and the Hôtel-Dieu in Paris - that it is a question of hybridizing without distorting them.

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City of the architecture - Debate what future for architecture ? January 14, 2020

10 January 2020

Debate with the architects, Stéphanie Bru, Anne Demians, Eric Lapierre, Umberto Napolitano.

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Palace of Jena, my colleagues and I were invited to debate on what could be the future for architecture. This subject is at the heart of my concerns in the daily exercise of my job as prime contractor, it was also the subject of a memorandum that I signed under the title "The art of assembly ". I assert that it is through the analysis and synthesis of data related to the history, climate, topography, culture, circular economy or social balance of a context, that a project advances its real roots and its true legitimacy.

The gross act is simply to build. Then, it switches, or not, into the more sensitive register of architecture when assemblies built on artistic thought appear. In contrast, it is the absence of poetry and creativity that ends up reproducing, endlessly, models only built on the construction economy.

In addition, this debate allowed me to emphasize the fact that it is not the economy of means that interests me but rather the multiplicity of means necessary to implement to reach the equilibrium of its multiple components and of course to provoke emotion, this affective, intrinsic state and universal without which, architecture, whether of the past, the present, or the future, does not exist. To reach this emotion, and given the current difficult context in which we evolve, the solution of modern classicism is the one I prefer to highlight to restore this timelessness of which the period deprives us.


Announcement of Europan 15 results in France at the Cité de l'architecture

6 December 2019

This year, Anne Demians was among the 11 juries of the 15th session of Europan 15, which awarded a total of 136 resident teams in 17 different countries.

The announcement of the results in France was made by Alain Maugard, President of Europan France, in the presence of Marie-Christine Labourdette, President of the City of Architecture, Marie-Hélène Badia, President of the jury, Hélène Peskine, Secretary PUCA and Agnès Vince, Director of Architecture at the Ministry of Culture.

Organized every two years, the competition takes place simultaneously in about twenty European countries. In each country, sites are proposed by local authorities and their partners (civil society, public services, local authorities, associations, inhabitants, etc.). Professionals apply to register on one of them. Theme of this 15th edition, Productive Cities, the same as for the previous edition, with a focus on the issue of ecological transition.

More than a competition of ideas, Europan is translated by projects realized in-situ. It is fully in line with existing tendering procedures, since it is compatible with the article of law on public procurement (Article 97 of Decree 2016-360 of 25 March 2016).


4 projects delivered / 4 projects won / 1 Nave

2 November 2019

We celebrated on October 10, 2019, these beautiful projects with all the owners, architects, engineers, collaborators and friends.


Launch of the National Days of Architecture 2019

18 October 2019

Today, Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, and Marie-Christine Labourdette, President of the Cité de l'Architecture launched the 4th edition of the National Days of Architecture.

Marie-Christine Labourdette presented the main propositions of the "Values of architecture" report, the fruit of a mission that she piloted " Values of architecture".

Franck Riester proposed a joint mobilization around four main priorities :

  • To develop a better mediation of architecture for the general public 
  • To boost training in the architectural trades and modernize the conditions of practice of architects
  • To establish the interdepartmental anchoring of the architecture, under the impulse of the Ministry of Culture, to allow, in particular, a greater efficiency of the action of the State on the territories
  • To accompany architectural innovation in the service of ecological transition.

The JNA take place this weekend on 19 and 20 October 2019