School of Chaillot -Training Department of the city or architecture – January 31, 2020

ecole de chaillot

At the request of OGIC, the School of Chaillot, training department of the City of Architecture and Heritage, is designing an architectural awareness day for its commercial executives, entitled: “Architectures of yesterday, towards a sustainable city”.

The objective of this day, to which Anne Demians is invited, aims to promote interactive cultural exchanges between teachers and participants, and to propose:

– a reference database in the history of architecture and the city of the 19th and 20th centuries

– a thematic representation of the manufacturing processes of the sustainable architecture project by two agencies recognized and innovative in their achievements, including that of Anne Demians

– a critical initiation / invitation to dialogue with contemporary architecture and its project managers within the framework of exchanges organized between two of them and the twenty registered listeners.

The animation and the teaching will be ensured by the director of the School of Chaillot, an architect-historian-teacher and two renowned architects whose educational interventions will be illustrated by examples of their achievements.

Anne Demians is asked to speak on a subject that is part of her daily life: “Building for a new nature in the city. What uses, what resources, what dialogues? “. She will respond with a thoughtful reflection on “The Future City”, a two-way title that will allow her to set out her commitments. Or how to ensure that the city of tomorrow renews itself and which, beyond the effects of fashion, adapts over time to new economic and environmental challenges. Anne Demians will present an attentive approach to give timelessness to her mastery of works, both through new projects recently delivered – the Black Swans in Strasbourg and the Dunes in Val-de-Fontenay – as in heritage projects – Grand Nancy Thermal and the Hôtel-Dieu in Paris – that it is a question of hybridizing without distorting them.