April/September 2019

The operation of the Gare d’Auteuil made it possible to implement a dual strategy articulating a new way of thinking about the city and a new way of thinking about construction. The success of this project makes it a landmark that the Architectural Creation Platform of the City of Architecture and Heritage has chosen to present as part of its Housing Laboratory. This first project monograph also opens a new meeting, the collection of “Portraits of architectures”. The exhibition Praise of the method puts into perspective the specific approach of the operation of the Gare d’Auteuil. Unique urban piece, in line with the experiments that have marked the history of housing in France and fruit of an international competition launched by the City of Paris in 2008, this operation is carried out by a “collective of authors” consisting of four architects and a landscape architect: Anne Demians, Francis Soler, Rudy Ricciotti, Finn Geipel and Louis Benech.

By opting for the fragmentation of the volumes constructed, the architects accentuated the crossing character of the operation and brought the possibility of realizing a real green flow. Departing from the local plan of urban planning that required alignment, they offered another device, more permeable to views and breathing, in a project that also meets the density requirements of the contemporary city. The operation, 50% private, 50% social, is also an example of balance. In terms of construction, the architects decided to rationalize the means used to guarantee economic performance. To do this, they will define a free-plate concrete structure and develop a “toolbox” in which each of them can draw to develop his project and his writing. By this homogeneity of materials and templates, the approach demonstrates that the economy of means does not constrain diversity or architectural quality. The exhibition gives the keys to reading the complexity of the operation and gives pride of place to the documents graphics and models on different scales, including a scale piece 1. It thus values ​​the act of collective creation in an unprecedented constructive process.

This particular approach, which began the day the architects chose to embark on the adventure, will be explained and discussed during a debate bringing together project management, contracting authority and general contractor.

As soon as it opened in the fall of 2015, the Architectural Creation Platform defined its Laboratory of Housing as a watch on the essential issue of housing. It analyzes the most prospective projects in the light of major issues such as density, diversity, urbanity. Every season the issues are discussed in meetings with theorists and practitioners of the housing factory and with teachers The City of Architecture and Heritage / Modern and Contemporary Architecture Gallery 1 Place du Trocadéro and 11 November 75016 Paris.Open every day except Tuesday from 11h to 19h Nocturne on Thursdays until 9pm