City of the architecture – Debate what future for architecture ? January 14, 2020

Debate with the architects, Stéphanie Bru, Anne Demians, Eric Lapierre, Umberto Napolitano.

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Palace of Jena, my colleagues and I were invited to debate on what could be the future for architecture. This subject is at the heart of my concerns in the daily exercise of my job as prime contractor, it was also the subject of a memorandum that I signed under the title “The art of assembly “. I assert that it is through the analysis and synthesis of data related to the history, climate, topography, culture, circular economy or social balance of a context, that a project advances its real roots and its true legitimacy.

The gross act is simply to build. Then, it switches, or not, into the more sensitive register of architecture when assemblies built on artistic thought appear. In contrast, it is the absence of poetry and creativity that ends up reproducing, endlessly, models only built on the construction economy.

In addition, this debate allowed me to emphasize the fact that it is not the economy of means that interests me but rather the multiplicity of means necessary to implement to reach the equilibrium of its multiple components and of course to provoke emotion, this affective, intrinsic state and universal without which, architecture, whether of the past, the present, or the future, does not exist. To reach this emotion, and given the current difficult context in which we evolve, the solution of modern classicism is the one I prefer to highlight to restore this timelessness of which the period deprives us.