Square House in Aubervilliers

Aubervilliers Maison Carree jardin 6 EMPGP

The agency is the winner of the competition launched by Icade, Plaine Commune of Greater Paris, Plaine Développement and the City of Aubervilliers on the site corresponding to the former rights of the warehouses and general stores of Paris (Ilot C, C ‘, C’ ‘).

The project is careful to preserve the history of the place and the existing frame in order to modernize the image of the site while preserving its identity.

The operation is virtuous from the beginning because it revitalizes a former industrial site. At each stage, there is the question of conservation (here the valorization of the existing halls), the flexibility of the new spaces created to adapt to future needs, their maintenance and their deconstruction in the long term.

The low-carbon approach, which targets the C2 level performance of the E + C experimental label, and BBCA excellence level, is integrated into all aspects of the project design.