Les Pop Conf' Spring 2019


Born in March 2016, La Pop houseboat is an artistic incubator and citizen, a place of residence, research and experimentation. Its mission is to accompany – by hosting artistic teams in residence – the spectacle factory where the sound material, the musical object are at the heart of the creation process. The Pop Conf ‘are appointments which gather most often an expert scientist and an artist around a question that is a priori trivial, but which concerns everyone, and whose answer is far from obvious. For a little over an hour, the speakers explore a theme related to the sound and / or musical world and go around the issue. Animated by the musicologist, editor of The Letter of the Musician and author Antoine Pecqueur, these appointments refer to the pop philosophy, concept and approach initiated by the philosopher Gilles Deleuze. Thus the speakers never deal with specialized subjects, reserved for specialists, but essentially multidisciplinary questions that concern the general public. Spaces for meetings and debates, these Pop Conf ‘bring together two looks, often complementary and carried by a process of research, that of the artist and that of the scientist. Monday, March 25 at 19:30, Frédéric Hocquard, deputy at the Paris City Hall In charge of the nightlife and the diversity of the cultural economy, Brigitte Métra, architect, Anne Démians, architect and Jean-Paul Lamoureux, acoustician will debate around the theme CAN A CITY SCULPT ITS SOUND IDENTITY?

Inscription https://2ewt66ry.mapado.com/event/paris-75019/pop-conf-1-une-ville-peut-elle-sculpter-son-identite-sonore