Quai Ouest

NANCY 2010 - 2014
Contracting Authority : Cirmad
Architect : Anne Démians
Project director : Philippe Monjaret
Project Manager : Typhaine Blanchet
Interdisciplinary Engineer : Pertuy Construction
Facade : VP & Green
Model Maker : International model
Surface Area : 9 300 m2 SDP
Cost : 15 M€ HT
Offices Touristic residence Shops

Offices Tourist residence Shops

The Quai Ouest plot, formerly occupied by a gas factory, was decontaminated, the exemplary nature of which was even awarded by the ADEME. Running alongside the Canal, it is located at the interface between the old city and the new one, beginning with Alexandre Chemetoff’s Water Gardens and its line of modern buildings. It is also the end of the historical commercial corridor of Nancy drawn by the rue St Jean and St Georges, now crossed by the tram line. Quai Ouest proposes a bold contemporary mixed-use interface based on an intricate and concerted balance of architectural consonances and dissonances. Like all the chief buildings of historical Nancy, the materials are light in colour. They reflect and complement each other without mimicking them literally. The volumetrics round each other off, and appeal to each other finding echoes in transversal altimetrics.